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Have a look at some photos of the results some of the users of IMF Therapy have achieved:

Please note that, in some cases, before and after photos have been taken on the same day, and show the users' estimation of the original extent of their movement.

Mr T of Great Yarmouth:

Mr T was completely paralysed down the whole left side of his body. After just 6 weeks he has regained this much function! Proof positive that the therapy works. At the time of writing he is working with his shoulder and some movement in his arm has been regained. Torso is also much stronger in keeping with the leg. Well done sir!

Patient at the start of IMF Therapy
6 weeks
Patient after 6 weeks of IMF Therapy

Mr S of Norwich:

Mr S has made good progress in just 3 weeks. Initially unable to lift his leg at all, he can now take steps with assistance and this has motivated him further. Precisely the type of response we anticipate from people with the will to work at the task.

Patient improves in only 3 weeks
3 weeks
Patient prior to IMF Therapy

Mr H of Leicester:

Mr H from Leicester has been using IMF for 3 months following a stroke.
He was completely paralysed down left side and had no functon.

So far he has benefited in the following ways;

He is now able to raise his leg through the knee.
He is able to put his weight onto his left leg.
He can go up and down stairs on his own.
He can take first steps on level ground whilst holding a rail.

We are now beginning work with his left arm and shall update when
changes take place. After that we shall work with his foot.

Patient shows improved leg movement after IMF Therapy
Patient at start of IMF Therapy

Mrs B of Johannesburg:

Mrs B developed problems with her walking which no one in South Africa could diagnose. She came to the UK for IMF therapy. The treatments lasted one week and the improvement was profound enough to amaze all concerned. We still don`t know why or what caused the problem but her function has been largely restored and Mrs B uses the therapy nearly every day. One result of the treatment was a trip to South Africa and we hope that IMF Therapy will find a home there. Any healthcare professionals or interested parties please contact us for a chat.

Mrs B of Johannesburg