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IMF Therapy® Online Manual - Page 4

How To Operate The IMF Device (Part 2).


To imagine or visualise a movement is simple. Just picture yourself moving the part of your body that you are working with. Here are a few examples but the list is endless:

  • Lifting a cup to your mouth.
  • Walking up a stairway.
  • Lifting your foot off a clutch or accelerator pedal.
  • Kicking a ball.
  • Waving hello or goodbye.

At the End of a Session:

  • Turn off the device using the switch at the rear. Down is off.
  • Turn the green knobs (1 and 3) off by turning them fully anti-clockwise. You will hear a click as they reach the off position.
  • Turn the yellow knob (15) to Test.
  • Remove all pads and electrodes from the skin.
  • Spend a few minutes actively making the movement you visualised. This is important as it reinforces the training you have received during the session.

Re-charging the Device:

The Device must be re-charged every 4- 5 days.

Recharge the Device by attaching the supplied power supply unit to the rear of the Device.

Please remember to switch the power supply unit off at the wall socket when not in use. If there is no switch at the wall socket, remove the power supply completely.

The Device emits a beeping noise if it runs out of charge. Please re-charge immediately until yellow light (17) goes out. A full recharge takes about 14-18 hours. If you leave it charged overnight and the light is still on in the morning, just use the Device as normal and charge it again the following night.


If either of the lights labelled FAULT (6 & 8) illuminate, please do as follows;

Check the cable connections on the rear panel of the Device are good and tight.

Check the connection between metal prongs and the muscle pads. Give a little twist as the prong inserts.

Check the stimulation pads are properly attached to the skin.

Remove all pads and electrodes from the skin.

Moisten the muscle pad on the sticky side.

If the red light labelled ELECTRODE/CABLE (19) illuminates, check the yellow electrodes are properly attached to the skin by doing the following;

Press down on them and give a little twist to make a good contact. You may need to use a little more paste but not too much please.

Allow a bigger space between the two black - sleeved yellow electrodes. About 3 inches is optimal.

Keep your eye on the red light as it will go out as soon as you get a good contact.

If both red lights (18 & 19) illuminate, please do as follows;

Check the connection between the yellow electrodes and the Device.
The green plastic prong attaches to the middle hole (NEUTRAL).

If none of the above provides the solution, please contact us and we will provide assistance as soon as possible.