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IMF Therapy® Online Manual - Page 3

How To Operate The IMF Device.

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The front of the IMF Therapy device
  1. After the adhesive muscle pads are in place (see ‘Placement of Muscle Pads and Electrodes) make sure the green knobs labelled Channel 1 and Channel 2 are switched to Off. You will hear a little click. You must turn these knobs off after a session. Check they are off before you start as well.
  2. Turn the yellow knob (15) to Test.
  3. At the back of the Device is a switch marked Aus and Ein. Flick the switch up to Ein (on). You will hear a short beep. If there are multiple beeps you need to re-charge the Device immediately (see “Recharging” on the next page).
  4. The black knobs (2 and 4) should always be set to 50 Hz. Check they are now and at the beginning of each session.
  5. Turn the green knob (1) to 10Ma and press the green test button (9). You will feel electrical impulses.
    Turn the knob clockwise until the impulses are as large as you can COMFORTABLY work with. There is no advantage in overdoing it. When you get a feel for the Device you will automatically set the appropriate levels you need.
  6. Repeat above instruction using green knob (3) and green test button (10).
  7. Now press both green test buttons together. This will trigger impulses in both channels. Is this comfortable for you? If it is too much, just turn the impulse levels down a bit.
  8. The black knob labelled T-On (11) should normally be set to 4 s and the black knob labelled T-Pause (12) set to 10s. Again, please check before you start a session.
  9. Turn the smaller black knob (14) to x1.
  10. Turn the larger yellow knob (13) fully clockwise to the lowest value.
  11. Press the yellow button (16) and the yellow light labelled TEST should come on.
    If you get fault light ELECTRODE/CABLE (19) coming on, check that the yellow electrodes are attached properly.
  12. With the yellow EMG TEST button (16) held down, rotate the larger yellow knob (13) anti-clockwise until the yellow TEST light (20) goes out. Please read Notes 1 & 2 below.
  13. Now turn the smaller yellow knob (15) to TRIGGERING.

    Now you are ready to start the visualisation process and the green light (21) will flash or blink rapidly prompting you to think of the required movement.
    After you have received a stimulus, RELAX. It is best to relax in between visualisations. Take a deep breath, it helps.


If you rotate the larger yellow knob (13) all the way round to the highest value and the yellow TEST light still does not go out, set the small black knob (14) to x10 and start again with the larger yellow knob (13) turned fully clockwise and repeat the process of slowly turning it anti-clockwise until the yellow test light does go out. Then release the yellow EMG TEST button (16).


The larger yellow knob (13) is very important because it is responsible for determining the level, or threshold, at which the Device triggers the stimulation in response to your visualisation.
You will need to make fine adjustments to this knob but don`t panic as all this is covered in the training and we will not leave you in the lurch!

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