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IMF Therapy® Online Manual - Page 2

The Placement Of Stim Pads And Electrodes.

Please refer to the images below when reading the following section. (Click on them to open a larger version in a new window)

Directions for Pad Placement 1 There are 3 sizes of muscle pads that can be used with the IMF Device.
The smallest are circular and are used on the face and neck, Fig 4.
The square pads are used on the arm, shoulder and leg, Figs 2, 3, 5, 6, 8.
The largest pads are for use with the upper leg, abdomen and the spine, Figs 1, 2 & 7.

Care of the Device:

You will see that coming from the Stimulation channels of the Device are 2 cables each with a red and a black metal prong at the end.

These connect to the stim pads as shown and you will note that apart from Fig 3, the red prong always connects to the stim pad nearer the brain. Stick the stim pads to the skin before the yellow electrodes.

Then attach the 3 yellow electrodes to the skin using an amount of paste (The skin must be clean and shaven, although a little body hair is acceptable.) It is easier to apply the paste to the skin than the electrode.

These electrodes need to be placed on the target muscle corresponding to the visualisation the person is making. The green - sleeved yellow electrode (earth) can be placed anywhere at all, with the other two black-sleeved yellow electrodes attached along the muscle tissue, as opposed to across the muscle.
Please ensure a good space between these two black-sleeved yellow electrodes.

Please see the table below regarding specific areas, and remember, NEVER place muscle stimulation pads on or near metal components that reside within the body.

Have a look at Fig 5.
Place both pairs of stim pads as shown. (Supraspinatus, deltoids and triceps). In cases where the shoulder is dropped begin with Fig 8 positioning both pairs as shown. (Supraspinatus, rhomboids and infraspinatus).
Have a look at Fig 6.
Place one pair of stim pads as shown. (Wrist extensors).
Have a look at Fig 1.
Place both pairs of stim pads as shown. (Lateral abdominals, rectus femoris). Note that there are 2 options illustrated for the upper leg. Where the stim pads are close to each other is for working with the hip. Where the stim pads are distal (right leg as you look at the page) is for working with leg extension through the knee.
Have a look at Fig 2.
Here the stim pads are placed for working with the hamstrings and gluteals. Your therapist will advise you when to use this option.
Have a look at Fig 3.
To address “dropped foot” place stim pads as shown. (Peroneus longus, brevis and anterior tibial). Again your therapist will advise you when to use this option.
Have a look at Fig 7.
Place both pairs of stim pads as shown. (Sacrospinalis).
Have a look at Fig 4.
Place stim pads as shown on the face or neck. (Sternocleidomastoid). Do NOT work with the face and neck at the same time.
For working with the facial area, change the frequency of the stimulation to 25Hz.
The yellow sensory electrodes can be placed on either side of the face.

Please experiment with the positioning of the stimulation electrodes as 1cm here and there will make a difference to the response from the muscles concerned.
E.g. pads moved a little to the thumb side of the wrist extensors (forearm) will increase the response of the thumb itself. This may be desirable as it is the pivotal digit. Also, the user will derive motivation from seeing responses from slightly different areas of tissue.