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Treatment Example - Incomplete paraplegia - Example 3:

O. C. fell from a great height when he was 15 years old.
The result was incomplete paraplegia.

Case Study 3.3 Pic 1Before:

1 August 2003 (Start of IMF Therapy®)

Paralysed for 43 years, countless therapies, no active leg movement.

Case Study 3.3 Pic 2After:

5 October 2003

For the first time in 43 years the patient can actively bend the left or right leg when lying down, without inducing spasticity.

Case Study 3.3 Pic 3

The patient is learning to walk on crutches, he is able to bend his hip, knees and ankles.

The patient has learned to stand up. He is able to tie his shoelaces - his life quality has improved considerably.